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Rid blackheads is what we all want in our youth, so to rid blackheads recommend you follow this routine and so will you say goodbye to those ugly blackheads!

1 - Put boiling water and very steamy in a pan or pot. Add a mixture of leaves of fennel, nettle and linden, best plants from rid the blackheads.

2 - Put your face over the container and covering the head with a towel, so that the water vapor begins to open the pores. Do 15 minutes.

3 - Dry the skin thoroughly with a tissue, so your hands do not slip off when you remove the points and you will not be marked.

4 - Cover the index fingers of both hands with a tissue and squeeze one by one the blackheads and pimples. Do it gently.

5 - Finally, squeeze a little lemon and mix with water - if it is better roses -. Use the mixture as a tonic and let it dry.


Before starting the steam bath cleanses the skin of the face with your usual makeup remover or gel. You can also use milk is a good natural cleanser.

When dry skin with the handkerchief that tries hard to reach areas like the folds of the nose are very dry.

If you see a blackheads does not come easily, not force. Try three sessions and the next cleaning, you've already matured and the best draw.

Do not wear makeup in the next twelve hours so that the pore closes tightly
Here I show a video of youtube that is the same solution with a few more ingredients to rid blackheads


Do not let the obstacles of life erased from your face that beautiful smile.
Blackheads are an obstacle .. so we rid it!!
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