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Acne Oily Skin

What is it?

The characteristic of oily skin is excessive accumulation of sebum. This type usually has thicker skin, sebaceous glands with sebum overproduction of dilated follicles and orifices. The oily skin is common in adolescents and young people under 30, but can also affect adults.

The oily plain to see and touch. Are detected by their oily appearance, its pores open, the coarse-grained texture and a grayish, rather subdued, due to excess sebum The brightness, large pores, skin feel dirty and perhaps grain, blackheads, whiteheads and acne is what concerns men and women who are increasingly looking for what to do to avoid them.

In some cases, the problem is for life, and in others, with proper care, can be solved. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for triggering the sebaceous hypersecretion appearance of acne. For this reason, the condition can be particularly virulent in humans and persist throughout life.

This hormone is particularly aggressive cutaneous level thanks to the help of an enzyme in the sebaceous gland, which in the case of skins acneic, has an activity of 2 to 20 times higher. "As the condition is usually quite widespread, it is normal axillary odor, acne, and a pH somewhat elevated."

In the development of acne involve many factors. Apart from hormonal pressure, is an alteration in the components of fat, which becomes a thick wax more difficult to get outside.

The oxidized fat retained, promotes the growth of bacteria and becomes an irritant. The follicle that houses it, ignites further blocking the exit and the surface is populated with dead cells, which along with the fat, do not emerge, accumulate and clog pores.

The picture gets worse when you build more severe injuries with inflammatory processes such as pustules, papulopustules, cysts and nodules.

The causes are often complex and are usually found in people with emotional problems, especially introverts, shy and self-conscious, which concur hormonal disorders and poor diet. The lack of adequate rest, insomnia, hypochondriasis and gynecological conditions are other precipitating causes for oily skin. Other factors which are likely to relate to the use of alcohol hand rub on the skin (including colonies) or excessive use of strong soaps, which dry the skin while immediately produce a rebound effect by stimulating the sebaceous glands and thus fat around the skin or hair.

"Heredity, hormones and stress are the main internal factors that cause seborrhea. External factors like warm weather, environmental humidity, pollution or sun can aggravate their development.

Sebum production is greater during the day than at night, reaches its peak at noon. " Also poor diet, especially saturated fat consumed from mammals, as is the case of sausages, ham or lamb and pork produce in the long greasy complexion increasingly difficult to correct, much more if you do not eat at the same time lots of vegetables.

In return for their appearance, people affected often have oily skin wrinkles, resist very well the excesses of sun, cold and wind, and over the years, the skin tends to normal but there is always a thin layer of fat helps maintain a good appearance. This does not mean however that should not be combat oily skin, since it is a good breeding ground for various bacteria.

The recommendations for controlling excess oil are:

1. Reduce the consumption of red meat and substitute chicken or turkey.

2. Eating a little chocolate and coconut.

3. Do not drink alcohol.

4. Eating vegetables daily.

5. Drink diluted lemon juice.

6. Perform moderate sports.

7. Sleep more and try to be deep sleep by taking a relaxing herbal teas before bed.

8. Do not wash the skin with soap unless the mornings. The rest of the day using water.

9. Getting clay plasters on his face every two days.

10. Incorporate some B vitamin supplements as well as sulfur amino acids.

11. Occasionally rinsed his face with lemon water.


A means to control the excess oil is to remove dead skin cells that clog pores. Benzyl peroxide, aluminum chloride, glycolic acid are the substances suitable for unclogging pores and allow the grease to flow evenly. Glycolic acid can be used without limitation, this acid dissolves without mercy on all the dead cells that circulate in your face.

If you have a very oily skin you will arm you with patience. Two or three times a day you make a facial cleanser with an emulsion for sensitive skin. Avoid creams particularly suitable for acne or those that contain astringents or abrasive substances because they increase sensitivity and are irritating.

Then hydration. The formulas now allow moisturizers retain skin's natural moisture instead of adding it from the outside. There are formulas that contain vitamin A helps cells regulate the water content in the skin, keeping it fresh and healthy. There are special moisturizers that provide water instead of fatty substances applied to the skin. This creates a barrier that prevents the evaporation of natural moisture and protects the face of the harsh climate.

If your skin has natural moisture, no need to use moisturizers. But a reason to use it as a makeup base. If so, the cream you choose should be prepared specifically for oily skin. We recommend pure Jojoba Oil, its use in people with oily skin and acne problems is very appropriate because it emulsifies and removes sebum. In acne treatments is preferable to add a few drops of essential oil of tea tree or thyme.


Remedy for oily skin # 1:

To help control and combat oily skin, a mask should be prepared with the following ingredients 1 egg, 1 cup water, 1 ripe tomato, 1 tablespoon brewer's yeast and 3 sheets dry bay It must prepare an infusion with the bay leaves and water. When water boils, remove from the heat, add bay leaves and set aside to cool. Then he mounted the white until stiff and peeled and crushed tomatoes and add. Finally, included in the yeast mixture and 2 tablespoons of the infusion of bay leaves and stir everything well. Apply the mask with a brush in the affected areas. Is maintained for 10 or 15 minutes and after that time, wiped with a cotton laurel and the leftover tea.

Remedy for oily skin # 2:

Mash boiled potato and add soft bread crumbs soaked in milk, also add a few drops of lemon and two tablespoons of milk. Apply it and let it act for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Remedy for oily skin # 3:

Blend three strawberries and a ripe pear and then add them in a cup containing 10 teaspoons of clay and three tablespoons of water. Then apply on face for 20 minutes once a week. Before applying you should wash your face camomile tea co.

Remedy for oily skin # 4

Place sage leaves in a cup with water and then hold the tea to simmer for 18 minutes. Then allowed to cool and once you get the liquid wetting the face with it and leave for 15 minutes.

Remedy for oily skin mask # 5

Prepare a grease with a lemon and an egg yolk. To do this, place the yolk in a glass container. Add the lemon pulp and mix until the dough is smooth. Apply to oily areas of the face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with cool water making sure that any residue left on the face. It is important that this mask is applied in the evening just before bedtime. By day the lemon on the skin may cause staining.


With regard to care for oily skin, you must:

• Choose a smooth moisturizer.

• Wear sunscreen that is not fat to be outdoors.

• Use an astringent after cleansing the skin to improve the appearance of large pores.

• Find the right treatment for skin problems like spots or bumps, it prevents the skin condition worse.

• Avoid smoking, which increases the pore size which may contribute to worsening the condition.

Natural Home remedies often require perseverance and to see some improvement, we must continue for a long period of time. At the same time, it is likely that the results are not exactly the same in every individual and every organization, every skin and every brand is different. Therefore it is likely that for some people the results are better or become visible sooner than others.
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