remove blackheads facial

Remove Blackheads Facial

If you are looking information related to How to remove blackheads or rid blackheads? or blackheads facial, here we offer an article with some tips to prevent blackheads.The best option before a skin problem is to prevent and stop that happening, so, to have a smooth skin free of acne and blackheads one of the most important things we must avoid is taking certain foods with high concentrations of fat that will direct to our skin. So if you want to remove those pesky blackheads so that spoil your face first thing to do is watch your diet and avoid taking:

.Chocolate, chocolate and cocoa carry everything.

.Fried and battered foods like fried chicken, chips, or frozen for frying.

.Nuts: In addition to its heat potential, nuts contain a large amount of fats we must avoid ingesting peanuts, almonds, etc..

.Pork. Because it is one that contains more fat. Also if you try to eat it grilled.

.Derived from high-fat milk and whole milk or fatty cheeses.

.Fast food or fast food should be our greatest enemies. Avoid taking pizzas, burgers and meals with too many condiments such as pepper or mayonnaise.

Remember that even if you avoid eating certain foods, you must lead a rich and varied diet for the sake of our health and other delicacies to enjoy with much less fat than our skin will thank us. If this story has you concerned you may have to take a look at vegetarian foods and try to try some new dish, healthy and innovative.

What to eat ?:


Oatmeal with skim milk (oat of which should be cooked not instant).
You can put artificial sweetener or cinnamon.
Natural fruit juice or a small fruit salad Herbal tea or if you really need the caffeine you drink coffee or tea (do not use sugar)

Lunch: Salad with vinegar or lemon and olive oil (preferably cold process) Grilled Fish Vegetable stir-fry Preferably brown rice

Snack: A protein drink or fruit salad with strawberries

Dinner: Chicken with vegetables Salad of lettuce, celery, cucumber, peppers, tomato salad as lunch or crude homemade salsa. Sautéed Beans A small portion of tortillas, bread or rice.

Do not let the obstacles of life erased from your face that beautiful smile.
Blackheads are an obstacle .. so we rid it!!
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