Rid Blackheads: My own Remedy

Hi I had acne and blackheads since I was 15 now I'm 23 and I've controlled.

I have tried with some commercial productos and none of them produces an effect on my face and skin.So I decided to do this :

First: Identify the foods that produce acne on your face.There are foods that when you eat produce grains will be appear on your face.

Second: When you identify the foods that produce acne and blackheads in your face, you never eat these food anymore. Don´t eat these foods for a year. Then you can only eat once in six months.

If you follow these steps you will see how your acne and blackheads dissapear. I´ll posting more about my experience in the coming days.

Do not let the obstacles of life erased from your face that beautiful smile.
Blackheads are an obstacle .. so we rid it!!
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